10 years later!

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So, after procrastinating for about 10 years, I finally got the motivation and time to transform ifconfig.se to a blog again. As with most blogs, it will most likely be pretty inactive, but I'll do my best to add new stuff.

What's to come…

The goal is to write whenever I find something worth writing about during my exploration of OpenBSD or the web in general. I tend to focus heavily on security and privacy, since I value both a lot, so most articles will probably be based on that.

I also prefer minimalism and try to stick to the programs which come pre-installed with OpenBSD. That's right, I use OpenBSD as my main desktop OS. This sometimes brings a few challenges, which I'll write about and try to explain how to solve. For example, this page is generated by a ~30 lines POSIX-compatable shell-script, written in vi(1) (not vim), using basic HTML/CSS. Don't worry, I'll write a separate article about this in the future, sharing my script.


If you find a typo/bug or just wish to share some feedback, never hesitate reaching out, I'd love to hear from you! What do you hope to see on this page?